Monday, May 24, 2010

The Amazing Flying tent! Dave and Jensen went on our ward's Father Son campout. They had a lot of fun until bout 11:30pm when it started getting REALLY windy. They put up with it for over an hour until Dave finally started packing up. He got JJ and all the stuff out of the tent and into the car. He went back to take the remaining 4 stakes out when the wind caught the tent- stakes and all -and sent it far far away. Dave chased it for a little while than rightfully gave up. He thinks it still would have blown away with the stakes AND with Jensen inside. So yeah crazy hard wind! Jensen was really upset they were going home without the tent. He kept saying we have to go find the tent or I can't ever go camping with daddy again! He was very sad.
Eating hobo dinners


JJ LOVED the lantern.


Brittanie said...

Well, I'm glad he wasn't inside when the tent took off!

Karen and family said...

That wind will take anything won't it. My trampoline blew away. I'm so glad Jensen is safe!

Aqualung said...

I think kite flying is a better way of playing in the wind as opposed to "hide and seek with a kid in the tent".