Thursday, November 20, 2008

WOW We switched from Comcast to Qwest for phone/ Internet service this week to save money. The end result was a week and a half with out Internet. I hadn't realized how often I use the Internet for EVERYTHING. My bill paying schedule is all wonky now, I'm way behind on email, not to mention blogging. Do you know how often during the day you go to the computer just to look something up. I apparently do it all the time because I felt completely lost with out the ability to look up if that guy in Fringe really is the same guy in The Lord of the Rings movie. Any way here is me catching up.

It has been gorgeous weather here in Colorado. Most of the days it doesn't drop below 50. It has been so nice to have an extension of summer. It did snow one morning only to have melted away by the afternoon. We took advantage and went and played in the snow while we could. WE BOUGHT A VAN!!!My parents were nice enough o let us borrow one of their cars but when it needed expensive repairs we sprung for the van. It is a Toyota Sienna. I often have a hard time finding it in the parking lot because Every 4th van in a beige Toyota Sienna.
What do you get when you mix adorable kids and messy cookies?
And what do you get when you mix a strawberry jelly face and playing in the dirt?
(Lily still eats the dirt- even after a yummy lunch:)
Dave was really tired and tried to go to bed early. The kids wanted to help him relax.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


We have had fun the last week playing in leaves,

Carving pumpkins, -Dave carved Jensen a "Percy the train" pumpkin

And dressing up as "robots. If you can't surmise from the pics I'm Princess Leia, Dave is Han Solo and the kids are R2-D2 and C3Po.

Dave built me a picnic table for our backyard. It will be really nice to sit on while watching the kids play. I love my handy mandy:)

And Jensen helped. He had to be hammering or using his screwdriver right where daddy was working the whole time.