Saturday, May 28, 2011

">Update #3
Angelina our Chinese echange student graduated. Congrats Angelina! Well it was at Red Rocks Ampitheater which 85% of the time is georgous. The day of graduation it was NOT. It was 37 degrees heavy rain and sleet. Poor Angelina wasn't dressed for the freezing rain AT ALL. She stood out in the freezing rain for three hours.

We watched with the missionaries Hallberg and D'Andrea.
We were all very wet and cold by the end.

Update #2
Dave had an emergency trip out to Illinois. His oldest sister Dawn died instantly in a car crash. We are all very sad. We were glad Dave could go out to the funeral and cry with his family. We will miss dawn.
I had a trip planned with the kids for the same week so I'm sad I couldn't be with Dave. My mom and my sisters Celeste and Marcia all met up in Branson MO for cousin camp. We had 7 little cousins all under 7. It was like herding cats most of the time. But it was really nice to see my sisters and for the kids to hang out.

We had a craft for everyday. One day we made tie dye shirts so the kids would all match at the amusment park Silver Dollar City.

I wish I would have taken more pics. I'll just have to steal some from my sister. Ahh the beauty of digital.

Sorry I'm WAY behind on updates. Here is Easter. JJ is growing out of his train phase and moving on to LEGOS. In JJ's easter basket he got legos to test how he would do with them. He did great. Dad loves that. I don't know who has more fun.

Making easter eggs
The neighbor hood hunt. Just a couple of neighbors. Everybody brings 12 eggs for each kid. It's relaxed and the little ones don't have to fight for survival.

One of our neighbors even dresses up like the Easter bunny.

We went over to mom and dad's for easter dinner to find the missionaries that live in the basement had dressed up as Easter Pirates. They san a song then led the kids on a treat hunt through the house.
It was very entertaining.
Charley was a little freaked out by the whole thing.