Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jensen finally had two little bottom teeth poke through. They make him even cuter- if that is possible.
Jensen is a very determined little man. He will see a toy he wants in his bin and he will dig and dig until he gets it.
And he is very proud of himself once he does.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jensen encountered stairs for the first time and without blinking twice he started climbing. He did amazingly well. He made it about halfway up before he lost his balance and I caught him. We are so proud of our little wall crawler.


I was sewing today to find two little eyes peeking up at me. Jensen is so curious he has to be in the middle of everything, watching everything , touching everything, and sticking as much in his mouth as possible.

See I can help mom!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Austin went into the MTC! Yeah! It was fun to see Austin off to go to the Toronto West Mission. I'm proud of him. He will do a good job.
The classic MTC pic with mom and dad.
Little Sammy with his super smile.
It is a little blurry but Jensen has started his own super smile. Evidently it involves a huge gummy grin and closed eyes. He is so adorable.

Bryce has a Wii. It was pretty fun. Some games required a little more coordination than I am capable of but I think I held my own. This is mom and dad boxing. Mom approaches Wii playing the same way she jumps on the tramp lots of giggles and screams. It was fun to play.
I left my camera in Colorado over Christmas break so it is nice to finally get it back, so here are some delayed Christmas pictures.

I made pajamas for the whole little family. Dave really wanted big green buttons. He really enjoys showing off his pajama shirt.
In Colorado with the fam.

Jensen with - big suprise- something in his mouth.