Friday, March 30, 2007

We are letting Jensen eat more by himself. Its entertaining all the funny faces he makes as he reacts to the new tastes. It is also pretty cute how messy he gets.

Eating Asparagus
All cleaned up ready for church.

Playing games with dad.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Baby McDonald!

We have news. If you couldn't tell from the gigantic Ultra Sound-I am pregnant. We are very excited. I went to the doctor yesterday knowing I was pregnant but having no idea how far along I was. Surprise- I'm in the 2nd trimester. It is always nice to hear your pregnancy will be shorter than you thought. This time it was by a whole month! So I am 14 weeks along and am due September 20th. I am excited for my 1st trimester sickness to end soon.

We like our new doctor. He has a "Dwight" bobble head and a "WORLD"S BEST BOSS" mug. Oh, and he seemed very competent in the whole doctoring business. He also provided us with a 4 and a half minute DVD of the whole Ultra Sound process, but we figured a picture would probably suffice.

Friday, March 16, 2007

We are learning how quickly a roaming baby can turn into a messy room. Notice the dresser emptied, then unceremoniously tipped over, and the other drawers ripped out and emptied. Jensen got a hold of his diced carrots and took a carrot bath. He must have heard Vitamin A was good for his skin.

Jensen the Acrobat

As Jensen gets closer every day to walking he is getting braver and braver. He has discovered there is a whole new world above his eye level that he can't see or play with. He saw the baby monitor up on the counter and decided he wanted it. So he sized it up-

And made a grab for the counter. He ended up pulling himself completely off the ground and swinging for a couple of seconds.
He also dives head first in to anything he can. Good thing this basket hadn't been folded yet.

Reconnect to the World

Two weeks ago Dave's hard drive went haywire. But we are a two computer home so we fell back on my laptop. Jensen being the smart kid that he is, saw our vulnerability and hit us where it hurt. He made a grab for our our only life line, the power cord for my laptop. With the few remaining minutes of power in the cell I hastily ordered a new cord. And we have been waiting in darkness.

I think I forgot how important the computer and the Internet is to me. I suddenly am lost without my connection to the information super highway. I didn't realize how I need to double check online if the actor we are watching in a movie is the same one I'm thinking of. I need to be able to look up the words to Baby Beluga, or Down by the Banks. I need to do all the silly things like pay bills and transfer money. I need to see if the temperature will be warm on Wednesday. I need to watch the next "Office" episode. I need to find a new recipe for a dessert for enrichment. I need to find talks and look up refrences for my lesson on Sunday.

I got the power cord in the mail yesterday. Now I am sitting in front of the computer knowing I really needed it while it wasn't working, but now I can't really think of anything to do on it. Oh well I think I'll shut it down and let the battery recharge.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Better pictures of Jensen with his teeth.