Monday, January 11, 2010

So there I was....

At walmart. We have successful concluded a oil change/ grocery/ odd ends trip. My kids each have a clearance 2 dollar toy that makes them happy, makes them stay sitting in the cart, and we are almost through check out- Whew! So Lily decides she doesn't want her little tea set. Fine. Set it aside. I'm talking to the cashier and ERUPTION! Both Lily and Jensen explode with tears and crying and screaming and trying to leap from the cart. I'm trying to keep them from falling to their deaths, put my bags on the cart, and listen to what in the world they are upset about. I'm super embarrassed and I look to the other customers and the lady, in her late 30's, behind me is rolling her eyes at the other Customers. ROLLING HER EYES! How old are you 13? Excuse ME that made me extremely upset. I was so hurt and upset and just MAD. I'm already upset enough I don't need an adult to mock me and my kids like that. Have some patience and compassion!

I'm a good parent. I love and take care of my kids. I listen to my kids and I am not a jerk to them. My kids are 3,2, and 3 months. They are going to act like children because they don't get a toy they want. That lady however is an adult and she should be mature enough to understand how children act.

I called my sister after I left and we talked about all the nasty things I should have done or said to her. She came up with the best one. I should have turned and talked to her nicely about her trip to the store and ask her if every thing was going well for her. Especially since as soon as I got off the phone with my sister Jensen told me how the lady rolled her eyes at us. They understand way more than I'm comfortable with sometimes.

Anyway I'm done ranting. And next time I'll have a real zinger for someone with the patience of a knat for toddlers who want a toy.