Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The McDonald's came to town!

Dave's parent's came out for a week to meet Charley. It was so nice to have them here. The kids miss their Grandma and Grandpa McDonald and they helped me so much while they were here.

Grandma stayed busy drawing pictures and reading books to the kids and taking Charley off my hands when I have to run to pull one of the older kids off the other before bones break.

Dave roped his dad into working for us while he was here. They went to Home Depot 3 times a day and kept busy sanding and nailing and constructing.

They finished this beautiful toy chest and completely redid the picnic table. I'm so excited for the stain to dry!

Pumpkin carving FHE!
I'm working on finishing Halloween costumes this week and we carved pumpkins last night. The kids are still a little young to get totally into it but we have fun.

Dave made a Thomas train pumpkin for JJ.

And I made a puppy for Lily.

JJ DID NOT like the feel of the goo and was flinging it everywhere crying for us to wash his hands :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome Baby "Charley"

This little beauty is the latest to join our little family. I was not feeling well so they were going to do an amniocentesis to find out if the lungs were developed enough to induce. This is one of God's miracles and great blessings. Because we were watching my health we found that my amniotic fluid had dropped from a 10 on Monday to a dangerous 3.5 on Friday the 16th. So we got to induce at 37 weeks and get Charlene Hazel. We are all doing well and my recovery is a TON easier and I haven't felt lightheaded or dizzy since about an hour after delivery. Another miracle!

The older kids are doing great with her and ALWAYS want to hold their little sister.

Friday, October 16, 2009

When's the Ba..Ba..Ba..Baby due?!
Meet The newest edition to the McDonald Family.
Charlene Hazel

Born 6:27 PM
5 lbs. 15 oz.
19 inches
Still the smile of anticipation.

This was the picture that I texted out to people whos numbers were in my phone.

This is the smile of pure happiness. And TRIUMPH!

More information will be on its way.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Its been a rough week and I wanted to update you because we need prayers.

Last week I was dizzy and lightheaded off and on. Wednesday afternoon it started being constant and it has not let up. We are going on day 5 of constant lightheadednes dizziness and a headache and being confined to bed/ the couch. I've been in to see the doctor and spent Thursday night in the Maternity ward/ ER until 3 am. ( Thanks dad for taking the kids!) They ran some test and decided despite what is going on with my head the baby is okay. They even did an MRI to see if there was a tumor or some other head ailment. All I have to say is an MRI is an experience. One I hope not to repeat soon:)

Any way Dave is keeping watch over our little family this weekend. He is doing so good taking care of me and the kids. For those who know me it drives me NUTS to be laying down and not "Doing." Come Monday hopefully we will get some help with babysitting the kids.

My hope is this is some sort of bacterial infection or virus that will go away on its own soon, if not if the baby is causing it we can get that baby out so I can hold her, and so I can take care of the rest of the family. Any way please remember us in your prayers.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Happy Fall!
We've had a "quick succession of busy nothings." I've had two a week appointments with the OB because my amniotic fluid is low and they are keeping a close eye on the baby. Everything is looking okay but we sure could use your prayers.
Dave has been busy at work. He has been pulling extra duty donating plasma twice a week. It means an extra 10 hours a week away from home. We are working REALLY hard on climbing out of the debt hole. Dave is sacrificing a ton to help us on our way.
This is a picture a co-worker emailed us. Dave went with his company to clean up an old well site. I love my hard workin hard hat wearin man:)