Monday, June 07, 2010

Branson Missouri
I'm recovering from strep throat so I'm finally getting these pics from our trip to Branson up. My parents own a rental house out in Branson so we met up with my sister the Baillio crew and tore up Branson for a week. I was really nice. They call it the "Family" Vegas. There are shows and parks and lots of good family activities. Traveling with 3 kids on an airplane was an experience all by it self. But what isn't an experience with a 8 month old, VERY TWO year old and a just barely 4 yr old- just old enough to get charged to go into places.

We went to the amusement park Silver Dollar city and rode the train

Dave was excited about eating a turkey leg
There were quite a few rides the kids could go on maybe you can see Lily's little head with Celeste.

Dave, Brad and I went into the cave attached to the park while Celeste Mom and Dad tore up some roller coasters. That was a little crazy especially 2 hours past nap time cold wet and small spaces.

It was awesomely beautiful though

We ate at a restaurant that had a "magic table" As soon as you got you food. Your table starts magically rising on a hydraulic pump. With the kids distracting us it took a while for us to figure it out:)

The Baillios and McDonald's stepped out for a double date of go karts and lazer tag
Brad was a spry grasshopper killing you and then springing away:)

On Sunday we visited the Local ward then hit the lake for a little hike and picnic

Mini Golf!

There were quite a few moving hazards to deal with

Fun Times!


Aqualung said...

What a great trip, thanks for sharing.

Tracy Barrand said...

Great pictures my daughter, that was so much fun. Can you please email me your px? Our px are all gone...died with the card.

Tracy Barrand said...

PS this is an awesome chronicle of the trip. I am so glad you posted these.