Saturday, August 21, 2010

Celeste took pics of my kids while she was here. Here are some of the awsome ones.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jensen has been very concerned with what boys like and what girls like. Boys like peanut butter sandwiches girls like hot dogs. Girls like sneakers boys like sandals. Anything he likes now belongs to the realm of boy. And anything he doesn't enjoy- girls must like.

Dialog this morning-
Jensen finishes going potty
Dave comes up to him and says-
"Are you finished? Do you need me to wipe your bum?"
JJ- "No Mommy needs to wipe me. You are a boy. Boys don't like bums, girls like bums."
Dave-" Nobody likes poopy bums son."

Monday, August 16, 2010

On the Move. Charley is in full fledged "I can move by myself mode" She is pulling herself up on couches and stairs. Last night she discovered she could pull herself up in her bed. Yeah for little baby Independence.
I love what she does when she eats she gets excited and does this little shake it is so cute.

Trip to Utah and Celeste in town
We went out to Utah for a Hogan Family reunion and got to meet Don's girlfriend now fiance Leslie. She is awesome and we are so excited to have her join the family in November.

Have you noticed most of the "Family activities" revolve around food?

Hunter giving Charley a kiss

The kids all tuckered out- All 5 out like a light

Hunter chompin' on some cherries

Playing games- It was dad's favorite. He kept asking us to play again:)

After Utah Celeste came out to CO and it was super fun to hang out with her and her kids for a week.

Hunter and Charley

Jensen carried these train around the whole time we were at the pool. He didn't really play with them just carried them around and wouldn't put them down. Ah my train loving son

Mom paid for us girls to go get pedicures. And what did I do? I smashed my toes and made them all mangled and ugly the next day.

Dave and I slipped away to go up to Breckenridge for a weekend.

It was nice to get away and chill out a bit.

Lily always finds the "puppies"

JJ making train tracks in the sand.