Monday, May 10, 2010

The star!

Every Mother's Day primary song needs a sunbeam to make it fun. Well for my first time having a kid singing up there Jensen did not disappoint. JJ is usually kind of shy but he saw his opportunity to talk into that microphone and he seized it. He RAN up to the stage. The little girl that was singing a solo got shoved to the side while Jensen wildly grabbed for the microphone. While the 4 moms were singing with the kids JJ was trying to push his way in. When the song was over he wouldn't leave the stage and one of the mom's had to carry his "dead weight" little body off. It was really funny and he got to shine, but didn't get to talk into the microphone- another time Jensen:)

Don came home safe from Afghanistan! It has been nice to be able to hang out with him and Austin for a couple of weeks.

I got them to to some work for me too- even better!
Lily conducting music.

Dave played a Heroscape tournament he did really well and had lots of fun.

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Ellis Family said...

Wow Don looks so good! Glad he is home safe, and way to put those boys to work!