Saturday, June 27, 2009

Well it took a week to recover from our trip but I think I'll survive:) I don't want to bore anyone with a blow by blow of a very eventful week so I'll just do a little explaination with the pics. First this is only my side of the story. While I was running around Utah and Idaho with the kids Dave went on an awsome tour of the great Utah national parks with his dad. We drove A LOT! First we went over to Utah then the next day I drove up to Idaho to visit the ol Rexburg haunt. We went swimming and Bear world with my bossom buddy Many and Jensen's friend Ivan. Of course Jensen only had eyes for the train.The baby goat ate Lily.We drove back down to Utah. We went to the zoo with Marybeth and her kids, and my Mother-in Law. The kids had tons of fun.And once again Jensen was overjoyed with what----? THE TRAIN!Girlie little Hailey helped Lily by doing her make-up. Lily kept asking for "More, More"

We went to the fish hatchery. The kids loved it especially throwing in the fish food and watching the fish jumping out of the water to get the food.

We got to go to "Dairy days" at Thanksgiving point. Marcia and her kids joined us and Marybeth and her kids. We made butter and ate it on crackers.We rode a horse carriage rideAte FREE Dairy products- Like Ice CreamAnd got to make some ice cream ourselves.

It was a great trip. Stay tuned for Dave's post on his trip.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


So I went to the doctor this week. She measured my growing tummy and said well you either are further along than we thought or YOU ARE HAVING TWINS! I got excited on my way over to the ultra sound. How fun would twins be. Well the good news is it is not twins. After we found a single beatiful baby in there I calmed down and was really excited about being 3 weeks further along than before! So even better news- we got to find out what the sex is. It is a Girl! So all that is pretty fun and exciting. I'm excited for Lily to be an older sister and spill some of her girliness on a younger little girl. It will be lots of fun.

What is not so fun is maternity swim suit shopping. Instead of looking cute like this
I Know I will end up breaching above the waves while I play with my kids at the pool. Wearing a swim suit is hard enough. WHY OH WHY are affordable modest maternity clothes so awful?!!