Thursday, November 05, 2009

News Blerb on Police Standoff
CRAZY! So Dave and I are turning off lights and locking up at about 9 ( yes I know that is early but we are tired people!) And I heard what sounded like a radio. I couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from. I looked outside to see a cop car directly in front of our house. It was a police negotiator talking our armed neighbor out from the house. There were over 8 cop cars surrounding the house and a tons of cops with shot guns and other loaded weapons. YEAH SO MY NEIGHBORHOOD IS CRAZY! We turned off all our lights and watched the drama unfold from our bedroom. The cops kept flashing their flashlights into our bedroom to shoo us back. About 10:30 pm 911 called with a recorded message telling us to stay in our houses. Dave and I literally fell asleep listening to the negotiator talk to the gunman. They were preping for a forced entry before we nodded off. Unfortunately we fell asleep before the resolution a t 1 am when 911 called and said we could resume our activities. I'm so glad 911 allowed us to go back to sleep.

So this is the 2nd incident this year. At Easter a friend of our neighbor had a "domestic dispute" and a firetruck came to wash the blood off the concrete after investigators took pictures of the scene for like 3 hours.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

I love Halloween it is so fun to make costumes and go out with the kids. I also love to check out all of your blogs and see what you guys did. It was especially fun because the kids TOTALLY got it and RAN from house to house. Jensen was a green, his favorite color, knight. And I converted a pony from Goodwill into a ridable pony. So she was a princess riding a pony. Of course it snowed 2 1/2 feet a day before so she only got to show off the pony at the church party . Dave made a kicking sword and we painted it green of course.

Lily excited for CANDY!

Lily got that candy was supposed to go into her bucket. So she started filling up at the first available spot. Our trick or treat candy. Sorry the video is dark.

Jensen learning to blow bubbles