Thursday, April 23, 2009


We had a crazy spring storm over the weekend. IT dumped a foot and a half of snow dump down on us.
In two days it was melted and gone. Yesterday we went swimming at an outdoor splash park. Before our snow clothes are dry we are sunburned and drying swimsuits. I love COLORADO!

Are Sundays tough on any other toddlers? We have church at 1. Nap time is at 1 so there are no naps on Sundays and it is SO HARD on the kids. When we got home from church the kids sat down on the couch and both were out in seconds. Oh I forget how wonderful routine is until it is smashed once a week.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!
I love Easter. I love the opportunity to think on Jesus Christ and the blessings we have because of his sacrifice. I am so thankful for the opportunity to live again after death, but also the truly live in this life.
I tried telling Jensen the reason we got candy and Easter baskets. I told him the Easter bunny is happy about Jesus so he gives us presents. He didn't quite get it - maybe next year.

WeWe got together with about 10 families from our ward and had a little egg hunt. IT WAS SO COLD! I felt bad for the kids.

Jensen understood the concept of picking up the eggs this year. He picked up a blue egg and a yellow one- then he realized there were GREEN eggs. He ran around the rest of the time only picking up the green eggs. Funny kid.
Lily had fun opening all the candy and stuffing as much in her mouth at one time as she could.
She also has discovered her inner princess. A friend gave us a little Cinderella out fit. She loves it!
I FINALLY FINISHED ONE OF MY PROJECTS! I have been working on this one for a year! I took some wooden boards and painted them with Jensen's favorite vehicles. We mounted them up in his room and he loves them. He has Dave sing him songs about his trucks and airplanes and trains every night.