Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!
It was so nice to have Christmas in our own home and with a TREE! Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Don came over to open presents. It is nice to have Don aroundfor a little while before he heads out again for another tour with the Marines.

Lily was the first to wake up, all she wanted to do was snuggle with Grandpa.

Good Morning. This is the stunned pre-presents "what are all of you staring at me for" look. . Lily got a glow-worm from Grandma McDonald. She loves it!
Jensen got lots of trains. He was so happy
Grandma Barrand got her a little purse with old beads. She loves being a girl.
Boy stuff!
Daddy and Jensen playing with the new train set. I made Christmas dinner. It turned out really well. Lily helped me make the french silk pie.

Monday, December 15, 2008


So being the genius that I am I erased all my links the last time I changed my background. So I need you to leave a comment so I can find your blogs!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy Birthday to Dave!

The big 26. He is finally as old as I am ( for a couple months)
We went to a thanksgiving with Dave's family. Josh, Dave's brother in law, smoked a turkey. It was DELISH. Then we had a Thanksgiving at my brother's house. Marcia got an awesome pottery barn setup. It was so fancy:) Here are all the cutie grandkids. And this is how we kept them sitting for the picture.

We went to see Tiana try on her wedding dress it is BEAUTIFUL! And No I won't show a picture of it. But to keep Sam and Jensen from putting sticky hands on everything in a pristine bridal store we had to shove snack and goodie one after another ant them:)

We saw the Santaquin parade of lights then waited in line to see Santa. We told Jensen if he sat on Santa's lap he would get candy so he did pretty well. Santa asked what do you want for Christmas - Jensen said Candy.
Lily on the other hand- I'm just glad Marybeth got the picture:)
Jensen found my christmas return labels.
I sewed a dragon and couple of other patches on Jensen's coat. He loves his dragon coat!
Dave decided he wanted a nice hot chocolate to leave the house with in the cold winter mornings. Se we bought a little coffee maker with a timer. It works pretty good. Needless to say our hot coca consumption has gone up dramatically. And my friend Herm, Shani, I mean Shannon came for a visit. It was so fun to see her and meet her husband.

And anyone that actually had the time/stupidity to read the whole blog here is a little treat. We took the Barrand fam photo over the weekend. Here is the rough draft.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

WOW We switched from Comcast to Qwest for phone/ Internet service this week to save money. The end result was a week and a half with out Internet. I hadn't realized how often I use the Internet for EVERYTHING. My bill paying schedule is all wonky now, I'm way behind on email, not to mention blogging. Do you know how often during the day you go to the computer just to look something up. I apparently do it all the time because I felt completely lost with out the ability to look up if that guy in Fringe really is the same guy in The Lord of the Rings movie. Any way here is me catching up.

It has been gorgeous weather here in Colorado. Most of the days it doesn't drop below 50. It has been so nice to have an extension of summer. It did snow one morning only to have melted away by the afternoon. We took advantage and went and played in the snow while we could. WE BOUGHT A VAN!!!My parents were nice enough o let us borrow one of their cars but when it needed expensive repairs we sprung for the van. It is a Toyota Sienna. I often have a hard time finding it in the parking lot because Every 4th van in a beige Toyota Sienna.
What do you get when you mix adorable kids and messy cookies?
And what do you get when you mix a strawberry jelly face and playing in the dirt?
(Lily still eats the dirt- even after a yummy lunch:)
Dave was really tired and tried to go to bed early. The kids wanted to help him relax.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


We have had fun the last week playing in leaves,

Carving pumpkins, -Dave carved Jensen a "Percy the train" pumpkin

And dressing up as "robots. If you can't surmise from the pics I'm Princess Leia, Dave is Han Solo and the kids are R2-D2 and C3Po.

Dave built me a picnic table for our backyard. It will be really nice to sit on while watching the kids play. I love my handy mandy:)

And Jensen helped. He had to be hammering or using his screwdriver right where daddy was working the whole time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Typical of me when I keep putting something off it keeps building up and intimidating me so much I don't want to catch up:) So here are some pictures from our "girls weekend" where Celeste and Tiana came out. It was really nice and I love my sisters!

Hiding in the store's dressing room.

Yup I'm IN the locker
Tiana and Preston
Every day since we went to the Natural History Museum, he says at least 5 times each day "I saw a bear!"

Check out Dave's high jump:) I'm so white trash I let my kids play outside in thier diapers:)