Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jensen's 4th birthday was today and it was a ton of fun. It was a train party.

I made the Thomas cake.
I had my friends save all their diaper boxes for months. Each kid had a box covered in butcher paper. We put faces and wheels and stickers on each of their trains.
We went for a train ride around the backyard including stops at the quarry and the docks. notice cranky the crane.

Lily hands on hips refusing to do something.

Then we did "Truck toss" They threw balls in empty train trucks to fill up the cargo.

Pin the wheel on Thomas


Happy Birthday!
My mom made an INCREDIBLE pinata.
It didn't break very easy so after all the kids had a couple good wacks. We all tore at the pinata.

JJ playing with his loot.


Devin and Shannon Larsen said...

Dan, nice job on the party ideas. Very cute and fun ideas. It looks like they had a lot of fun.

Smith Family said...

What a fun party!! Happy Birthday JJ from your family! Love you guys!

Brittanie said...

It was loads of fun, thanks for inviting us!

Brown Family said...

turned out great! just wish we were there to play too. Happy b-day JJ!

Celeste said...

The cake turned out great! Those train boxes are perfect. What a fun party Dan! He may forget about it later, but he'll sure appreciate you later on when he looks at the pictures and realized how much you did for the party!

Aqualung said...

You're continuing in the grand tradition of classic birthday parties. Way to go Danica, it was an honor to watch you in action. It makes for very healthy and happy children. Love you dear.