Monday, February 23, 2009

Tiana got married!
I went out to Utah this weekend for Tiana's wedding. It was so fun and nice to be around family. I missed my kids and Dave did a wonderful job with the kids at home all by himself.Tiana all excited!

The bridesmaids. My mom sewed the dresses and she dis a good job. Celeste and Afton were 8 months pregnant and and Marcia and I are like 20 sizes different in dress sized. That is quite a sewing feat! God job mom.

I made vest and bow ties for the nephews. They were super cute.

The five kids! All together for the first time in three years. We missed Don. He is out in Iraq with the marines. Keep him in your prayers.
I was so excited my friend Heidi came. It was SO SO nice to talk to her:)