Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just a couple of pics of us hanging out. I still am not over this morning sickness business so I haven't been good at all about taking out the camera very often. but I'm trying:)

The girls love playing baby.

And this is them playing Cinderella. Here thier evil step-mom (me) told them to sweep.
Here they are all ready to go in thier dresses but they are missing a glass slipper.
Caught a toad in the backyard.

It was Charley's 2nd Birthday.
She got a baby and a pillow pet and some great art supplies. Charley's little personality is budding. She is EXTREMLY independent. She likes to pick out her own clothes and won't let me even help her at all. even while I am writing this she is coming over saying "Do buttons" then as soon as I touch her dress she runs away saying "I do it." She is a little chatterbox who repeats everything said. She tries to do everything JJ and Lily do. And she love coloring. she will sit quietly with a marker for 1/2 hour just doodling. I love my little Charley. She is even partially potty training herself. I'm still feeling pretty terrible from this pregnancy. I showed her pullups and that she gets a candy for trying. She gets it about 1 in 5 times she tries.