Monday, December 26, 2011


Singing Carols 'round the piano
The Scriptures say the wise men were from the East right? China counts:)
Little Angel
Joseph and Mary

A reminder why we don't get the girls "makeup" Charley opened Lily's lip gloss and covered EVERYTHING.
Grandpa working with Jensen on his map puzzle that he got.
And the boys played games:)
Charley opened up Ariel and sang her little heart out:)
Making christmas crafts/ presents

Lily's little preschool Christmas concert.
With her favorite teacher Miss Heather

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ultrasound pics!

I just wated to do a quick "check this out." I love seeing Jensen's kindergarten school pic in comparison to Dave's adorable school pic. I love seeing them together.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It is a boy!
We had the ultrasound and everything looks good. I'm super excited to even out the boy and girl count and have a little kid sandwich- boys as the bread and girls as the pb and j :)

Friday, December 09, 2011

On week 19 of the pregnancy and still feeling pretty sick. But the good news is we find out what sex the baby is next Wendsday. So log any guesses:)
Making a gingerbread house with grandma.

Lily didn't last out in the cold very long.

One of the kids favorite activities while I'm a sick lump on the couch. Bring all the coushins and blankets out to make a "train". JJ at the engine and each of the girls in thier own coach.
Sending out letters to Santa

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just a couple of pics of us hanging out. I still am not over this morning sickness business so I haven't been good at all about taking out the camera very often. but I'm trying:)

The girls love playing baby.

And this is them playing Cinderella. Here thier evil step-mom (me) told them to sweep.
Here they are all ready to go in thier dresses but they are missing a glass slipper.
Caught a toad in the backyard.

It was Charley's 2nd Birthday.
She got a baby and a pillow pet and some great art supplies. Charley's little personality is budding. She is EXTREMLY independent. She likes to pick out her own clothes and won't let me even help her at all. even while I am writing this she is coming over saying "Do buttons" then as soon as I touch her dress she runs away saying "I do it." She is a little chatterbox who repeats everything said. She tries to do everything JJ and Lily do. And she love coloring. she will sit quietly with a marker for 1/2 hour just doodling. I love my little Charley. She is even partially potty training herself. I'm still feeling pretty terrible from this pregnancy. I showed her pullups and that she gets a candy for trying. She gets it about 1 in 5 times she tries.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baby #4 is on the way !
And I feel GROSS!
Why oh why does this have to be so hard? The kids are excited I'm not sure if they are more excited for the new baby, or for mom to stop saying 'no because I feel sick'. But I'm at 12 weeks now so the end is in sight. Pray we will make it at least another month!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Austrailian Visit
Dave's brother Jason and his wife and thier youngest son, James, and Dave's mom and Dad came to visit. Jason and his crew live in Austrailia. So it was my first time meeting them and Dave's first time seeing his bro in 7 years. It was a lot of fun to meet them and hang out with them.

They really don't have Halloween in Austrailia but because Sarah is awesome and she has adopted a lot of American holidays for Jason. They celebrate Thanksgiving and Independance day and Halloween. Everytime we went into a store that had any Halloween stuff Sarah went googly eyed.

So we carved pumkins

Wrestling with Uncle Jason

Building with Grandpa
We went into Downtown Denver and Dave joined us for lunch.

At church- Porbably shouldn't have taken this picture but couldn't resist when Lily and grandpa are taking a nap together.

Sarah had never seen snow! Colorado was nice enough to give her a flurry.

Little James and Charley have birthdays only days apart. So we did a little early celebration with icecream cakes for the adults and cupcakes for the kids. We had a lot of fun listing to Sarah say Carmel Turtle in an American accent me and trying to say it in an Aussie accent.