Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reason # 564 Why I love Colorado

Have a huge blizzard that drops 2 feet in 2 hours. Build a snowman with you kids in 50 degree weather the next day. Love it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

It dumped a good 18 inches on us this weekend so we went out to enjoy it.

Every time JJ went down he covered his eyes. He likes to be in control:)
Lily pushing JJ out of his spot with Grandma


Ketchup! or Catch-up whatever
Lily LOVES dresses. She wakes up from every nap/night holding a dress she wants me to put on her. Its easier to go along with it then to fight. This magnificent outfit is to go out to..... THE LIBRARY! Oh Lily.
Lily riding her broom-backwards:) The weather has been pretty crazy 50 degrees one day snowing the next. Up and down for the last two weeks. Me an' my girls

I made some towels for my friend D' Mac for her TWINS! A frog and a duck.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I love my husband. He is so unselfish and loving. It is my birthday coming up and he went and donated plasma twice a week for the past two months to save up to buy me a Kitchenaid mixer. I have been telling Dave I wanted one for oh four years. I am so blessed to have a good man who is willing to sacrifice and work to make me happy:) Happy day!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Saturday was pretty much a perfect day for me. We woke up slow. We relaxed a bit. Then we walked outside to a BEAUTIFUL day. Dave took down the privacy screen in our yard. The previous owners had a hot tub, and I couldn't see the kids playing in the yard.

We hung out in the beautiful weather. Jensen played with...... TRAINS surprise.

Charley now almost five months giggled and smiled.

Lily pushed Charley off the blanket and wrapped herself up in it.
And Dave got stuff done:)

Later Dave worked on three computers at once. We had nap time then....
We went to Chuck E. Cheese! I've never been with kids, just a friend's 27?th B-day party trying to prove she is still young:)
We signed up a couple days before to be members and we got an awesome coupon for token. It was SO much fun. We had plenty of tokens thanks to the coupon. The kids loved being able to play anything they wanted and push all the buttons their little heart's desired.

JJ love driving the remote control train.

Lily ran from ride to ride focusing for less than 15 seconds then running on to the next thing. It was really fun following her.

All tuckered out relaxing with dad. It really was a wonderful day.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


So I lost our camera last month and I finally fessed up and bought a new one.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. Jensen was so cute. I asked him what we should do for grandma. He decided to be SO SUPER SWEET and give grandma one of his favorite trains. I love that little boy. He wrapped it himself.

We also went to the Denver science museum. Here are some fun pics

This scan lets you walk across this walkway as it reads how much energy you use while walking. Dad bumped it to the next level and made it into a competition. He got a 10.4. It took quite a while and it was fun. I only tried once and got an 8. He was really proud of himself:)

How Lily and JJ dance differently. Go Go GO