Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My friend found a park only 10 minutes away that has a train and a petting zoo and each is only $1. Yeah for cheap fun activities. Jenen LOVED the train. What else did I expect. I'm really sad my friend Nicole will be moving soon. I'm excited for them but sad they will be leaving.

All the kids were REALLY afraid of the turkey. I don't blame them he was pretty scary looking.

Monday, July 13, 2009

What can happen in 5 minutes

So after church Dave and I went upstairs to get changed. We left our angelic children downstairs happily playing with their toys. After 5 minutes we came downstairs to a disaster. They had climbed up on to the computer desk grabbed a couple of paints from Dave's crafting stuff. They dumped it all over themselves, the desk, and the floor.

They are so "good" they then dripped their way over to the kitchen where we found them getting their stools out so they could wash their hands. The paint isn't coming off the desk or the hardwood floor and their brand new church clothes are ruined. Just another day in the life. 5 minutes REALLY! What did Dave do first? Get upset at the children-no He was the one to grab the camera. I love my husband.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

We have come to desperate measures. Jensen turned three in May. He knows when he needs to go to the bathroom but is only occasionally interested in sitting on the potty. I have introduced "PROJECT SHAKE DOWN" I have stripped Jensen of all his clothes and he is running around naked until he gets the hang of this potty thing. It is actually going quite well and he is going on the potty a large majority of the time. YEAH JJ!

So I think its really cute how he does all of his normal activities completely naked. As it is inappropriate to post pictures of my naked 3 year old I got this as he was playing with his apron Mandy gave him. He was marveling at how his toys shook. I marveled too:)

Here is the progress of our garden. This was a couple of weeks ago.

And this is now. We ate a little salad from our lettuce the other night I'm excited to eat the fruit from the rest of the plants.

This is a fun picture of a fun FHE activity Dave made up. It's called Noah's Ark. The kids have fun"gathering the animals" and putting them in the boat. You just might want to have as many boats as you have children. Or else the family fun turns into family feud.