Saturday, August 25, 2007

I guess every mom thinks their child is smart, but I feel like Jensen is a genius:) He has been doing things all week that he picked up that I didn't specifically teach him. This morning he got a magnet from the fridge and entertained himself for almost an hour by finding other things the magnet stuck to.
He has also been carrying around my keys seeing what he can open and what he can start. Like his bus. Smart and cute could I ask for anything more?
Oh and I Simpsonized the McDonalds. If you have a few minutes its fun.

Dave in his awsome jumper that keeps him clean on the rig.

Me and my short Mormon mom haircut.

Peach fuzz Jensen.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What is "chipotle"? Who knows but apparently it is the biggest thing since sliced bread. I just watched 5 commercials back to back of different resturants all advertising some version of "the chipotle". From McDonalds to Chilis to a resturant by the same name its a sauce, a spice, a pepper, and a brand of burrito. Has this spice recently come to the market? I can picture a sweaty foreigner standing in a dark alley next to a buro of some type ladden with "the goods" making shady deals with a fat cowboy with a giant mustashe. I wonder if a company did some faulty marketing research and performed a blind taste test with all foods containing this "chipolte". Now they can sell their research to a dozen resturants with statments of; "60% of people perfer their "chipolte" in sauce form" or "33% of people do not not like 'chipolte'." I sit on a couch and view commercials between times of actual work and at a minimum one chipolte commercial per break I now know it exists but what it really is I have my theories, but the naked chef prevents me from testing them.

Now on to the real info. I'm back in the grand town of Sterling, Colorado. A boom town of resturants, farms, a train depot and a single oil well to the north. It's a shallow well, drilling only to about 5000' but we will drill horizontally another 1000'. Its a tricky buisness and I am not the only one without a ton of experience.

I recently learned the secret to having respect, expecially in a dirty job......BE CLEAN. I try to stay neat and clean, I wash up after I get my hands and arms muddy following a sample catch so whenever I stand somewhere just looking up at the rig; rig hands, technicians, drillers and others just sidle up and chat with me about whats going to happen next, problems they've had and where they like to go to get drunk. I usually just stay quiet and smile as they talk and its not till close to the end of the conversation that they learn that I'm just an intern with the mudlogging company.
This maybe my last job and then I finally go back home for the fall semester of school. I'll keep you guys posted about what will happen.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm finally posting the pictures from our family vacation! Jensen and I started a little early and headed down to my sister-in-law, Marybeth's,house. We were hoping to catch Dave as he got off a rig assignment in Colorado. Unfortunately as we headed to Utah Dave was sent further east in Colorado. Jensen and I had a good time with Marybeth, and the cousins Wyatt and Hailey.

Marybeth filled up the little pool and the kids had fun. Mostly they poured water out of the pool:)
We then headed to the Hogan family reunion near Park City. We get to see Celeste and Brad's baby Clara Brooklyn blessing. We then met up with all the Hogans at an awesome Girl Scout camp. It was sweet paddlin out on the lake and sleeping in cabins.
Jensen didn't like the idea of sleeping with 18 other people so he stayed up REALLY late and him and I slept in the car.
We then drove the 9 (supposed to be 7 but with 2 babies and 2 pregnant ladies it takes longer) hours to Winter Park.
Dave got to come in between his Colorado job and a Texas job two days later. It was WONDERFUL to see him and to do some fun stuff like go on this little hike to a waterfall.
We took one day for biking extravaganza. Everyone took turns dropping each other off and biking down the mountain. I stayed with Jensen and had fun talking and keeping him away from the fire. Mom bought us all orange shirts to represent "Orange you glad you came to the family reunion." Ahh I look really pregnant here.

We drove through Rocky Mtn Nat Park. It was beautiful!
We had a little party for Sam's third birthday. He was really excited about his new Lightning McQueen and Mater cars.
The three cousins Sam, Jensen and Brooklyn couldn't look any more different. But they are all really cute!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

It was a sad week this last week. Some of our friends, the Wrays, moved away. I really enjoyed Ashley's company, and Jensen had a little friend. Rylee is only two weeks younger than Jensen and they played together well. This was mostly due to both of these kids being um... agressive. They would steal toys from each other and push each other over pretty equally.

As the moms we thought our kids were the cutest together because of thier same size, matching blue eyes, and platinum blond hair.
The Wrays will be missed!