Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is our first video post.

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Halloween!
I have to admit I was more excited for this Halloween than I have been since I was "Genie" from Aladdin. As much fun as smearing your face with blue paint, climbing into an over sized blue jumpsuit, than covering up your whole costume with your winter coat ( because it always snowed in Colorado) was, doing a holiday with cute kids is way fun.
We will start with Lily. She is a bug with a homemade crochet hat complete with pipe cleaner antennae. She pulls off pink and purple well.

Dave and I tried to pass as Homer and Marge Simpson.

I tried to lighten this up so you could see Homers hair on the top of his head. Dave wore his costume all day at school. He really enjoyed using all of his Homer catch phrases and didn't miss an opportunity to say "D'oh"

Saving the best for last- Jensen. He was a cowboy riding a bear. I had a ton of fun making this costume and it was SO cute when he walked around. I'm going to try to post a movie clip tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!
A couple of pictures-

Jensen tried for along time to put this pen back together again. Little engineer

Friday, October 19, 2007

Last Friday we went to a pumpkin patch. Jensen did great eating dirt and sucking on dried vines, oh and he got a pumpkin too.

Note from David: I taught my son to smack pumpkins for one reason and one reason only, to make sure its not 'The Great Pumpkin'(from Charlie Brown). Last thing I want is a freaky Pumkin all spooking out and hanging around my kids. So he smacks them and if its him I put my foot through the pumpkin. So far so good.

This last week we had the stomach flu passed around. Sunday was Jensen, Monday I had it. Tuesday was an eye of the storm, than Wednesday and Thursday Dave and Lily had it. We are finally all disinfected and feeling better. Thank goodness for recovery. You should be glad we don't have any pictures of that experience, or the 5 loads of vomitous laundry. Fun times.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

First Kiss!

So Dave and I have been trying really hard to teach Jensen how to give us kisses. He has mastered the hug and bear tackles everybody. So we were a little disappointed when it has been like a month of concentrated effort of kissing on cheeks and no love for mom and dad. Well today he gave his first kiss- and guess who it was- his little sister. It was really cute and I'm glad I saw it. He is doing such a good job with her and tries so hard.

Dave has been working really hard at school. He has a full load and it includes both Calculus and Physics. He came home early the other day after being turned down from the Plasma Donation center because his heart rate and blood pressure were too high. He now claims he has a medical need for neck rubs and foot massages. He is making it through. One thing that helps is his daily wrestling match with Jensen. I don't think Jensen will actually say daddy for a while because a growl means the same thing. He tries to play jungle gym with me after he wrestles with dad and it doesn't work as well.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

We had a great week. Dave's parents, Robert and Hope, came out to see the baby.

Jensen was a tiny bit shy but held no reservations when it came to begging ice cream from grandpa.
Every time the spoon came out of the bowl Jensen's mouth gaped open ready for the treat. Unfortunately grandpa was under my watchful eye and wasn't allowed to sneak any sugar to my already hyped son. Sorry Jensen.

Both Jensen and Lily got some good grandparent time. Especially Lily, her Bilirubin levels are still a little high and we have a Bili blanket to put on her to help her get rid of it.

She is our little glow worm.

I have lived in Rexburg for nearly eight years and never have visited Bear World, one of Rexburg's main tourist attractions. We finally got to go! While Dave was at school the McDonalds took us.
You get to drive around the park and see elk, bison, moose, and 40 bears roaming free. It was pretty cool. The well fed bears looked so soft and cuddly. I just don't want to be around if those bears ever got really hungry.
There was a petting zoo that Jensen really had fun at. He wasn't scared at all and approached all the animals excitedly ready to show off his "soft" skills he has learned from being around his little sister.

I think Jensen gets frustrated by being told to be soft all the time. Whenever he has the chance he tackles Ivan and wrestles around with him.

Jensen got a hold of a pen and drew on his face.