Monday, September 27, 2010

Day out with Thomas!
Dave took the kids (and Jensen's friend Landon) to see Thomas. We went two years ago and thought Jensen would grow out of it by now. But he is STILL in love with trains and Thomas. He started asking in June if he could go see the big Thomas.

On the bus on the way to Thomas

On Thomas

The kids LOVED the mini trains

The kids playing with trains JJ acted out scenes.

While Lily played with the only little person she could find

Happy Thomas kids

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Move over Danica Patrick

Danica and Dave McDonald coming through.

Dave's work sponsored a food drive so a couple of people from his office got to ride super fast go carts. Mom and Dad took the kids to the circus and we took to the carts. Normal go carts go about 10-15 miles per hour. We figured the leaders were going 40 and Dave and I were about 35. It was super fun!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday
Lily is 3!
Okay so I have a story to tell. When I was pregnant with my first, before I knew what sex the baby was, I saw a little girl in a tutu at the store. I broke down and cried. I was SO scared to have a little girl that was girly and needed to wear a dress to the grocery store. Pink, and dresses, and little bling outfits were petrifying to me.
And here comes Lily. She is the best little sparkly pink princess EVER. She has converted me to the world of being a mom of a true girl. When she was barley a year old she would wake up from her nap and point to her closet demanding to wear a dress. Everyday at bedtime or just to go to the library she frequently has a dress on over her clothes. I LOVE and ADORE my princess Lily. She is so very special and I'll go pink for her any day.

Anyway so when it came time for her birthday there was no question. We had a princess dress up tea party.

She had a couple of her little friends over to be princesses.

Angelina and Marti LOVED decorating the castle cake with hearts and sprinkles all over the pink frosting.

We painted their nails.

We put make-up on.

They completed their outfit with earrings and tiaras. We sat down to milk and cookies.

And talked about how COOL it is to be a princess.

Lily loved her little princess party.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Charley at 10 months
Jensen at 6 months

So a couple of big things have happened.

JJ started preschool and he LOVES it!
He feels he has learned so much he felt he could cut Lily's hair.
It is the PERFECT mullet. Tiana is coming in to town to try and fix it.

And we got 2 wonderful exchange students from China for the year. Angelina and Marti. We had to do some creative moving about but we are glad to have them with us.

And we went to Pikes peak! That was pretty Awsome.

JJ of course loved the train.