Sunday, July 27, 2008


Just some fun phrases Jensen has been saying. Tonight he demanded more gravy on his meat and potatoes, by emphatically demanding- GWABY!

He has always had a hard time going to bed the other night he tried to pursuade Dave to stay in his room a little longer by growling, and saying in every silly little voice he knows. "Read book!"

We were at Chick-Fil-a. When the play are had emptied out of other kids I told him "There are no more kids to play with- it is time to go home." He responded by opening up the door to the dinning area and demanding all the people eating "KIDS PLAY!" He repeated it several times. A couple of the kids actually came in to play with him.

We went on a little hike and Jensen exhibited is independance. He had to walk a long ways back from us just so he could pump his cute little legs and catch up with us.

Monday, July 21, 2008

So we have been busy fixing up the house and I wanted to post some before and after pictures. And just in case you find them boring. Here are some cute pictures of my kids.

Jensen doing "muscles."

Before: Awesome Orange wall! But a bit boring.After: I put green plants above the cabinets. They match the counter tops and look nice. By the way: I moved from a tiny apartment with no cabinet space to too much cabinet space. I have two whole bottom cabinets that the kids "hide" in because they are empty.
Before: Knobs were black didn't mach any other hardware in the house, and they were all bent and loose.
After: Dave installed these sturdy knobs that match and look SO much better.Before: Outdated chandelier.After: Dave, my electrician, installed a cute new chandelier that matches- The drape rods:)I bought storage shelves off of craigslist (I LOVE CRAIGSLIST) to the hide all the toys.
Painted Lily's pad purple and made drapes. Yes I know they are not even. I'm gonna fix that- sometime...
Painted Jensen's room an awesome blue and made drapes. We are going to decorate his room pirate- so it is supposed to be the ocean color:)
Didn't do much in the living room, but I love the couch cover my mom made for us.
I'm going to do something about the mismatched bookcases, just not sure what yet

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What a fun Week!
My friend Sarah Sussman came and visited from Florida. It was really nice to hang out with her. I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father put us together as companions. I have been blessed for the last five years because of her and her friendship. I love you Sarah.

PLUS she helped take care of my kids while I painted and did some other stuff 'round the house. My kids loved her and Jensen demanded that she got things like milk for her instead of me. Funny kid.

Sarah also witnessed Lily making great strides in her pursuit of walking. She is zooming fast crawling around. Sarah caught Lily's first standing up without holding onto anything. I think she will be full on walking within the month.

After Sarah's visit we headed out to Utah. We are used to the 4 hour drive to Provo. The 11 hour drive was a bit of a shock to our systems.
We had our moments of happiness. Thank goodness for Dollar Tree toys.
Thesunglasses had a better effect on Lily :) We stopped by Dave's sister MaryBeth's house. Jensen loves playing with his cousins. They have a steep driveway and the boys had fun rolling trucks down the driveway.
Tiana put together an awesome Barbecue tribute for my dad for his birthday. We played charades with some of our favorite things about my Dad. Happy Birthday Dad!

We went floating down the Provo River. Jensen LOVED it. Even the cold water. And it was COLD!

Lily just played with the tubes. Crawling in and out and in and out again. She was so cute.