Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lily turned two! I can hardly believe it. Lily is such a fun little person. Somedays I'm amazed her little body contains all of her very prominent personality. She is such a joy to have in our home. WE love her so much.
She got some clothes some books.

And her very own pink backpack to carry them around in.

Once she realized what she had she hopped down and walked out the door.

Smile V.I.P.!

Blowing out the candles

Some favorite pictures of Lily over the last TWO YEARS!:)

Happy Birthday Little one.


Celeste said...

what a special little girl! i love her so much. The sandbox pic is my fav.

b-ryce said...

Way to go Tiger Lilly! She is a very cool little girl.

Barb: said...

I just read through your recent posts and wanted to say that you are awesome, Danica! You are a great person and a great mom and I'm glad I know you! Congrats on the pregnancy, too!

Heidi said...

Happy birthday Lily! I can't believe she's two! What an adorable girl, too. Hope all is well with you and your family! Getting closer to number three's arrival! :)

Amme said...

Wow has it been two years already! Happy birthday. It is fun to see all the pictures of her as she grows.

Anna said...

Oh my goodness. Lilly is two already?? Where does the time go?! She sure is cute. Hope that all is well with getting ready for Baby #3!

Nicole Hunter said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY!!! (Belated) Reading your blog gets me emotional! I miss you guys so much! Looks like you're doing great! Danica, I love your cute pregnant tummy!