Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Happy Fall!
We've had a "quick succession of busy nothings." I've had two a week appointments with the OB because my amniotic fluid is low and they are keeping a close eye on the baby. Everything is looking okay but we sure could use your prayers.
Dave has been busy at work. He has been pulling extra duty donating plasma twice a week. It means an extra 10 hours a week away from home. We are working REALLY hard on climbing out of the debt hole. Dave is sacrificing a ton to help us on our way.
This is a picture a co-worker emailed us. Dave went with his company to clean up an old well site. I love my hard workin hard hat wearin man:)


Smith Family said...

Sounds like everyone is busy! We will keep praying for you guys! We miss you guys!

Brittanie said...

LOL! That pic is great.

Celeste said...

We will pray for you dan!

Heidi said...

That is an awesome picture. From the sounds of it, he deserves a little break!! Keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers, hope everything continues to go well for you! I miss you my friend.