Saturday, October 06, 2007

We had a great week. Dave's parents, Robert and Hope, came out to see the baby.

Jensen was a tiny bit shy but held no reservations when it came to begging ice cream from grandpa.
Every time the spoon came out of the bowl Jensen's mouth gaped open ready for the treat. Unfortunately grandpa was under my watchful eye and wasn't allowed to sneak any sugar to my already hyped son. Sorry Jensen.

Both Jensen and Lily got some good grandparent time. Especially Lily, her Bilirubin levels are still a little high and we have a Bili blanket to put on her to help her get rid of it.

She is our little glow worm.

I have lived in Rexburg for nearly eight years and never have visited Bear World, one of Rexburg's main tourist attractions. We finally got to go! While Dave was at school the McDonalds took us.
You get to drive around the park and see elk, bison, moose, and 40 bears roaming free. It was pretty cool. The well fed bears looked so soft and cuddly. I just don't want to be around if those bears ever got really hungry.
There was a petting zoo that Jensen really had fun at. He wasn't scared at all and approached all the animals excitedly ready to show off his "soft" skills he has learned from being around his little sister.

I think Jensen gets frustrated by being told to be soft all the time. Whenever he has the chance he tackles Ivan and wrestles around with him.

Jensen got a hold of a pen and drew on his face.


Ashley said...

It looks likes you guys are doing good and adjusting to 2 kids so well, you're my hero! I lived in Rexburg for 5 years and never got to see Bear World, so someday we'll have to hit it up! Rylee was on the glow worm blanket for about 10 days, no fun, neither was getting her heel pricked at the hospital everyday! Good luck! We miss you guys!

mark said...

I would like to throw caution to the wind, hype Jensen up on sugar and visit Bear World and let him tackle a few of those bear cubs instead of poor Lily. That is why I'm never called to baby sit anymore unless I'm frisked for sugar packets.

Tracy Barrand said...

Lily is getting cuter every day. I agree with dad. Jensen is a wild animal---a very cute one.

b-ryce said...

Great post Dan. I liked the bear pics. Thats pretty scary, but fun. I can't wait to see Tiger Lilly.

Ellis Family said...

Dan it was so good to talk to you. It looks like your family is doing great. Jensen looks so big now that you have Lily. I hope we get to see you in a couple of weeks