Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!
I have to admit I was more excited for this Halloween than I have been since I was "Genie" from Aladdin. As much fun as smearing your face with blue paint, climbing into an over sized blue jumpsuit, than covering up your whole costume with your winter coat ( because it always snowed in Colorado) was, doing a holiday with cute kids is way fun.
We will start with Lily. She is a bug with a homemade crochet hat complete with pipe cleaner antennae. She pulls off pink and purple well.

Dave and I tried to pass as Homer and Marge Simpson.

I tried to lighten this up so you could see Homers hair on the top of his head. Dave wore his costume all day at school. He really enjoyed using all of his Homer catch phrases and didn't miss an opportunity to say "D'oh"

Saving the best for last- Jensen. He was a cowboy riding a bear. I had a ton of fun making this costume and it was SO cute when he walked around. I'm going to try to post a movie clip tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!


Smith Family said...

I'm so jealous of your talents. YOu are very crafty! I love Lily as a bug, and Jensen as a cowboy, taming that bear. And you and Dave are fun, i love your costume ideas. Josh and I are boring with Halloween, we don't dress up. The kids have fun dressing up.

Ashley said...

Danica, way to go on the bear costume! Jensen looks great! I'm so jealous, Rylee was a kitty courtesy of Walmart, maybe next year I'll do something more exciting! You guys all looked great, I wish we could have gone to the 51st ward party! We miss our ward. We just handed out candy to TONS of kids and watched a scary movie. Anyways, everyone looks adorable!

Brad said...

That cowboy ensemble was so awesome! You made that?! That's pretty sweet Danica.

Way to represent with the Simpsons as well. :)

Celeste and Brad said...

I'm way impressed Dan. Someday I'll be crafty like you. I love the bug hat.The cowboy has QUITE a straddle on that Bear.

Sssarah said...

Ok winner of the cutest costume EVER goes to Jensen! and his mom for being so creative! :)

Tracy Barrand said...

Lily is the cutest striped bug ever.