Friday, March 16, 2007

Reconnect to the World

Two weeks ago Dave's hard drive went haywire. But we are a two computer home so we fell back on my laptop. Jensen being the smart kid that he is, saw our vulnerability and hit us where it hurt. He made a grab for our our only life line, the power cord for my laptop. With the few remaining minutes of power in the cell I hastily ordered a new cord. And we have been waiting in darkness.

I think I forgot how important the computer and the Internet is to me. I suddenly am lost without my connection to the information super highway. I didn't realize how I need to double check online if the actor we are watching in a movie is the same one I'm thinking of. I need to be able to look up the words to Baby Beluga, or Down by the Banks. I need to do all the silly things like pay bills and transfer money. I need to see if the temperature will be warm on Wednesday. I need to watch the next "Office" episode. I need to find a new recipe for a dessert for enrichment. I need to find talks and look up refrences for my lesson on Sunday.

I got the power cord in the mail yesterday. Now I am sitting in front of the computer knowing I really needed it while it wasn't working, but now I can't really think of anything to do on it. Oh well I think I'll shut it down and let the battery recharge.

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