Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Baby McDonald!

We have news. If you couldn't tell from the gigantic Ultra Sound-I am pregnant. We are very excited. I went to the doctor yesterday knowing I was pregnant but having no idea how far along I was. Surprise- I'm in the 2nd trimester. It is always nice to hear your pregnancy will be shorter than you thought. This time it was by a whole month! So I am 14 weeks along and am due September 20th. I am excited for my 1st trimester sickness to end soon.

We like our new doctor. He has a "Dwight" bobble head and a "WORLD"S BEST BOSS" mug. Oh, and he seemed very competent in the whole doctoring business. He also provided us with a 4 and a half minute DVD of the whole Ultra Sound process, but we figured a picture would probably suffice.


b-ryce said...

wow! I can see a little human in there! way to go dan! its a boy. he looks manly and strong.

auraliej said...
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auraliej said...

Well, well, well, He sure is growing fast, and definately super cute. Gotta love that smile now that there are teeth in there it's even better!
Hope all is well, and that life is treating you good. The kids are all growing up, and we will be grandparents in September.

Love you all
The Jensens....:)

Matt and Kathy said...

Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you! If you are finding out, I hope you post what you are having because I am excited to know!!!!!