Friday, March 16, 2007

We are learning how quickly a roaming baby can turn into a messy room. Notice the dresser emptied, then unceremoniously tipped over, and the other drawers ripped out and emptied. Jensen got a hold of his diced carrots and took a carrot bath. He must have heard Vitamin A was good for his skin.

Jensen the Acrobat

As Jensen gets closer every day to walking he is getting braver and braver. He has discovered there is a whole new world above his eye level that he can't see or play with. He saw the baby monitor up on the counter and decided he wanted it. So he sized it up-

And made a grab for the counter. He ended up pulling himself completely off the ground and swinging for a couple of seconds.
He also dives head first in to anything he can. Good thing this basket hadn't been folded yet.

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Tracy Barrand said...

Oh, my goodness that boy is a little monkey. A little wild monkey. I particularly liked the px of him swinging. It's a good thing he didn't pull that dresser on top of him....he would be a little flattened monkey.