Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy October!
I haven't updated in a while. So here is a lot of pics to get up to speed.
Grandma McDonald sent some AWESOME Halloween stuff. So we had fun decorating with it.

Lily made her ghost have a pretty dress on it:)

Our exchange students had a day off so we went on a little hike at Roxburough state park. It was beautiful.

Do you know how hard it it to get a 4yr old and a 3yr old and a 1 yr old to hold still and look at the camera when there is wilderness to look at?

We went to the zoo with some friends.

When Lily wasn't pushing this little boy Brody she was holding hand with Brylee

The moms with the strollers and the three babies.

In between conference sessions we had an awesome little picnic with my parent at a cool park with a river to play in.

And finally we babysat for our back door neighbor. This baby Sofia is ADORABLE!

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Chamy said...

it is hard to take your eyes of wilderness.;)