Monday, September 27, 2010

Day out with Thomas!
Dave took the kids (and Jensen's friend Landon) to see Thomas. We went two years ago and thought Jensen would grow out of it by now. But he is STILL in love with trains and Thomas. He started asking in June if he could go see the big Thomas.

On the bus on the way to Thomas

On Thomas

The kids LOVED the mini trains

The kids playing with trains JJ acted out scenes.

While Lily played with the only little person she could find

Happy Thomas kids


Sarah said...

Thanks for the fun adventure! Landon had a BLAST! These crazy train boys :)

Tracy Barrand said...

LOL Lily has such cheesy looks on her face. Good for JJ! He is the train man of the year.

Aqualung said...

Are you sure his middle name isn't Thomas.