Monday, July 26, 2010

So we have hit an AMAZING milestone.

Jensen and Lily are PLAYING TOGETHER. they aren't just playing side by side or fighting. They are actually playing TOGETHER. I am in mom heaven. It is like my direct supervision ie,pulling them off each other while they try and claw each other's eyes out, has gone down by 50%. I LOVE IIITTTT!


Bed time. Nap time is pretty funny. Every single day Jensen goes to sleep in his room while Lily sleeps with me in mine. But everyday he complains" I need girls in my bed. I need my girls." And he begs for Lily to sleep in her part of the bunk bed. But they would never sleep so I don't let it happen. MY GIRLS! I NEED GIRLS!

Turning couches in to a car/boat/ hot lava shooter


Charley is testing out crawling from her knees instead of the usual army crawl. Most of the time she just ends up on her head.

Angry face



Van Dyke said...

Oh Dan your kids have got to be the cutest!! I miss them so. I'm glad they are playing together

Celeste said...

I LOVE that superhero picture. That's a classic!!

Crystal said...

It is so much fun when they get that age to do that!!!! Makes for a few more peaceful moments. Check over at my blog and vote for whether I am having a boy or a girl!

Crystal said...

Hey- Danica- I need your address so send me an e-mail at!

Aqualung said...

I love those milestones, playing together is fantastic. Next is no diapers...then the big one....doing up their own seat belts.

Tracy Barrand said...

Oh fratuous day! Kalu Kallay! Lily and JJ playing together. Hurrah! And the Charley crawls.