Saturday, April 03, 2010

So here is a story for you-

So there I was at 1am feeding the baby when this INCREDIBLE pain shot through my body. It was SO intense and consistent. I woke up Dave he called ask a nurse. They told him to hangup right away and call 911. So in come 6 paramedics into my bedroom. Asking the same terrible questions again and again.
"So how is the pain now"
"The same"
"So on a scale from one to ten what would you rate your pain?"
30 seconds pass
"So how is the pain now?"
I really truly hate that 1-10 pain scale
Anyway we went to the ER and found out I have Gallstones. And I am scheduled for surgery on Thursday. I'm feeling fine now I just can't eat Chinese, Mexican, Italian, or really ANYTHING else until I get my gallbladder out. Good story huh. We will see how it all turns out:)


Anna said...

I'm sorry to hear you were in such pain. :( Good luck with surgery.

Brown Family said...

DAN!!!! I'm so sorry...had to go through that with Ty (minus the ambulence). Hope all goes well.

Brittanie said...

I had a friend in Rexburg who had that same thing happen, and she also had a huge cyst on her pancreas to go with it. I'm so sorry honey. But you don't really need it and when it's gone you'll feel SO much better. I'm just sorry that you have to go through all this now!

Ellis Family said...

Dan i hope all goes well and that you can recover soon. Your in my prayers. Good luck!