Monday, March 02, 2009

Ode to Lily
I thought it would be a good time to celebrate Lily because SHE WENT TO NURSERY ON SUNDAY! I think every parent waits excitedly for the day they can sit in Sunday school without wrestling with their child. I think there needs to be a pre-nursery nursery. The last three months before nursery is is TORTURE! But all is well Lily has arrived at that coveted 18 months and went to nursery. And she went in great and didn't have any problems at all. YEAH!!!Lily is my little dirt eater. Every single time we go outside she munches on atleast three mouthfuls of dirt. And no matter how many times her face reflects disgust she will go back for more.
Playing with Jensen.
This is after she got ahold of my McFluury cup. Yup that is Oreo ice cream goo all over her face.


Brittanie said...

love that last one!! That was so funny!

Brown Family said...

Gosh she is cute! Who could look at her and not love her...I still can't believe she was our most difficult while in Colorado. You certainly wouldn't think so by looking at her or even being around her...she's just a little angel. I think she just got overwhelmed by all the "big kids". Regardless, we still love her to pieces! We miss you guys!

Aqualung said...

Mud can come in so many flavors and colors...there's dust, clay, worm flavored, chunky, smooth. She look's like she enjoys them all.

Amme said...

Yeah Nursery! I completely agree with a pre-nursery nursery. The minute they start walking on their own, church seems to become one long walk in the hall. Andrew's first official week of nursery begins next week, not that anyone is counting!
Love the mud eating pics too.