Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy Birthday to Dave!

The big 26. He is finally as old as I am ( for a couple months)
We went to a thanksgiving with Dave's family. Josh, Dave's brother in law, smoked a turkey. It was DELISH. Then we had a Thanksgiving at my brother's house. Marcia got an awesome pottery barn setup. It was so fancy:) Here are all the cutie grandkids. And this is how we kept them sitting for the picture.

We went to see Tiana try on her wedding dress it is BEAUTIFUL! And No I won't show a picture of it. But to keep Sam and Jensen from putting sticky hands on everything in a pristine bridal store we had to shove snack and goodie one after another ant them:)

We saw the Santaquin parade of lights then waited in line to see Santa. We told Jensen if he sat on Santa's lap he would get candy so he did pretty well. Santa asked what do you want for Christmas - Jensen said Candy.
Lily on the other hand- I'm just glad Marybeth got the picture:)
Jensen found my christmas return labels.
I sewed a dragon and couple of other patches on Jensen's coat. He loves his dragon coat!
Dave decided he wanted a nice hot chocolate to leave the house with in the cold winter mornings. Se we bought a little coffee maker with a timer. It works pretty good. Needless to say our hot coca consumption has gone up dramatically. And my friend Herm, Shani, I mean Shannon came for a visit. It was so fun to see her and meet her husband.

And anyone that actually had the time/stupidity to read the whole blog here is a little treat. We took the Barrand fam photo over the weekend. Here is the rough draft.


Megs said...

Your family is AWESOME!!!! I love the Star Wars family picture!! It looks like you are doing well, we're glad all is happy with your wonderful family!

Ellis Family said...

Hey how did you get Shani to come to your house? I'm so jealous. I LOVE your family picture. You guys are so faithful to do that every year, and they always look great!!! Happy Birthday Dave.

Ryan & Keri said...

Wow! Where did you guys find all of the costumes for the photo? You crack me up! I miss you. And I love all of the updates of your family. Glad that the holidays are going so well.

Aqualung said...

This is my favorite blog you have posted. The video, crazy grand kid pictures, the Christmas labels, and especially Lily and Santa is such a hoot. You make blogging fun.

Devin and Shannon Larsen said...

Um, tell Sarah if she would invite me to her blog I might come visit her:)

b-ryce said...

That was a great visit! thanks for coming