Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dave's Family came in to town!

It was really nice to see his parents,who live in Illinois, we don't get to see them very often. It was nice to hang out with them and just talk.

Dave's sister Marybeth and her family came out too. Jensen had so much fun playing with his cousins. He is still saying "Hailey Wyatt" every day. We all went to the aquarium. My dad volunteer dives on the weekends. It was really fun watching the fish attacking him.

Lily was really cute pointing out the fish.
I cut off Lily's baby mullet. I debated for a long time to do it or not. I finally did it and I AM SO HAPPY!________________________________________________________
We ate at great Mexican food place afterwards.
Jensen loves dip. Salsa dip is a bit different though.

We celebrated Josh's birthday by eating cake and playing mini golf. We only made it through a couple of holes before the kids lost all their balls and their clubs.
I ambitiously started carving out a place in the rocks to plant a garden. I LOVE MOVING ROCKS. Psst -Really I don't:)

The kids were nicely playing peekaboo and tickling each other until I turned the camera on- Then Jensen yanked on her arm until she cried:)


Tracy Barrand said...

I swear it was really time for the mullet to go! She looks adorable. I'm so glad Dave's family could come in town. It isn't fair that we get to enjoy you every week.

Ashley Wray said...

Oh man, if you cute the mullet I really should cut Rylee's, it's out of control but I just can't bring myself to do it! I really can't get over how gorgeous Lily is, she's a doll! Yay for gardens, we loved our this summer, all the rock moving will so be worth it!

Brown Family said...

What fun pictures. Must be nice to be around family!

Ryan & Keri said...

The aquarium is one of our favorite places and just having visitors is great! I'm glad that you had such a fun time with his family! We will most definitely keep Bryce in our prayers. Is he going to be alright?

Heidi said...

Hopefully Bryce will have a speedy recovery!! So now that all your fun visitors are gone, can we play? Cody leaves Thursday so I'm free then. Like 3 months free. I can't believe he leaves for that long!! Anyway, I won't be leaving until the first week of November, so we have plenty of time to get together!

ozmacs said...

Jason is so jelous right now! He called home when everyone was over there! He would just love to go see his family in a heartbeat! It's just not the same when he's surrounded by in-laws! We try though! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JOSH!! We love you guys heaps!

Aqualung said...

Seeing Jensen wolf down that first huge dip of salsa was so funny. It was great to have you visit the aquarium and see the fish attack. Keep the great pictures coming.

Megan said...

Danica dear!! I hadn't looked at your blog forever because I didn't have your link on mine. I finally updated it and LOOK! You have another baby!! I had no idea! Congratulations! What a cute fam!