Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It is pretty crazy to me that it is 2008- let alone it is September of '08. Things just pass by so quickly. We went up to Breckenridge over Labor day. It was really nice to get away. Best part was we stayed at the hotel for free because it was one of those condo pitches. We sat down with the sales guy for a total of five minutes before he said "Well I can't really help you- lets see if we can get you out of here." AND my parents watched the kids for one night so Dave and I could celebrate our 3rd anniversary.

We went to a children's museum. It was a ton of fun. Lily loved all the stuffed animals- she kept trying to wrestle them- a skill she learned from her brother.

Of course Jensen was drawn to the many "boy" toys he went for the tools the trains and the tractors.

There was a cute bear cave. Lily loved hugging all the teddy bears. Jensen wrestled hugged and kicked them.

Jensen got to be a monkey and jump on a blowup play house. I had to drag him out.
We went on a beautiful little walk. I LOVE GARAGE SALES! We got the baby backpack for $15. Lily rode in luxury. This is Lake Dillon. So pretty.

Last weekend we went to Chatfield reservoir to show our love of this country and voice our opinions. Americans for prosperity.org Yeah for Drilling!
Dave thought the ATM station was pretty funny.

And just some cute pics of the kids:)

J.J. as a ninja


~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~ said...

Looks like you had lots of fun!

Celeste said...

-That back pack was only 15$?? Amazing!
- Both of your kids have so much hair now1
- Brooklyn is really into hugging and cuddling with soft things, I can't wait till those little girls can play with each other
-This post made me really want to come visit you.

Brown Family said...

It's almost painful to look at your blog because I feel like I should be experiencing some of these fun things with you. Oh how I miss your kids!

Brad said...

Museums are fun to visit. And so are long hikes!

Seth and Carrie said...

You have such a beautiful family!
: ) Carrie

Ryan & Keri said...

Danica, what a fun trip to Breck! And how beautiful! I love CO in the summer--it's so pretty. Happy 3rd anniversary! That's so exciting! Glad you guys could get away.

Aqualung said...

Fun pictures, thanks for sharing.

b-ryce said...

I love that little museum up in Brek. We went there and had a blast.

Amme said...

Wow what a steal! We have been combing craigslist for one of those but nothing has popped. I guess not a lot of people in Vegas have/or want to get rid of them!
I thought the ATM was so great... Modern life, what do you do?
I loved the video of Lily on the slide. She really bumped her face but didn't seem to mind!