Thursday, June 12, 2008

While the Husband is away the wife will Decorate....

This is Dave.....(Danica's husband and eye candy)....for those who don't know and also for those who don't know I'm in the "state of enchantment" I'm not staring longingly into the dark pools of eternity that is my wife's eyes....I'm in New Mexico. I have the great opportunity to do field work with my job and am currently in New Mexico measuring sections for my internship project. Now for the lay person measuring sections involves more than a measuring tape, I get to hike up steep, bug infested, cactus filled, pointy scrub brush covered slope, (your jealousy is building right?) hauling hammers, a pick, a ten pound pack filled with water and other supplies, (You are turning green now I can tell) to write in field notebooks descriptions of the rocks and how thick they are. I DEMAND YOU ENVY ME! I really am enjoying my time but while I'm in Raton New Mexico Danica is in Denver painting our new house. She will supply pictures shortly but on with the slide show.

This is what we climbed up.

This is The View I saw, luckily no Starr Jones.

This is what I avoided sitting on. On a geology hike I usually fall about 2 times. In Idaho it is the sharp volcanics to watch out for. In New Mexico it is the Cacti and Rattle Snakes.

Now for the Geology:

This is a rock covered with tons of clam burrows and poop.....or so I am told.

This is some of the coals we find in the area that are important to us to map and measure.

This is the 1950's StarGate we use to go from the office to the field and back again in seconds. Only problem is that we broke the flux capacitor.

Lastly a little artsy but hey its nice:


Mikidees said...

You are my hero rock boy. I love you and miss you.

Aqualung said...

I'm jealous, sometimes I think prickly cacti would be better than prickly clients. And talk about snakes, have you ever worked with an insurance company.

Brown Family said...

Dave you are too funny--sounds like your adventures are pretty exciting.

b-ryce said...

that looks like fun work, but very hot.

The Odd Family said...

Hi Danica,
So Jared and I were talking about China last night and I remembered you had a blog! So I've been checking it out. Congrats on the house. Can't wait for details. Our (well, my) blog is

Brown Family said...

So the husband is home now right? Where are pictures of the house and the children. Come on now...people are waiting!! ;)
(Dave--I love the pictures of your cool work sites, but you're first house is a pretty big deal!!)

theruedasfamily said...

Those pictures are so cool! Looks like fun.
Danica have fun decorating... can't wait to see pics!

Joe Blow said...

Woot Woot! The Sasquatch meets rock...and love is found.
Glad things are going well for you Dave. Look me up when you're in Provo ever.