Friday, June 06, 2008

Reaping the benefits of Summer
Swimming and Garage Saleing

Jensen LOVES the water. He dumps out his cup of drinking water on his tray and eats

everything done "super soggy." He loves our little backyard plastic pool (where, by the way, my phone took a swim). At the park there is a little water spout area- and he spends all of his time there. He can't get enough of being wet. So we have been swimming a lot. And my little pygmy boy loves it.

We met a good friend of mine Keri Allred (formerly known as McLeish) at the park with her two boys. What cuties! Jensen and her older son Matthew,played with cars and trains in the water. What could be better. Her younger son David and Lily kept trying to scare us by trying to join in the fun. Lily kept trying to crawl in, and David tenuously walked around and around the fountain. He fell in a couple times but recovered nicely:)
My mom and I have also had fun going around and buying up ALL of the toys we can find at garage sales. We have actually found some pretty good stuff. Jensen got some Thomas the train slippers that he wouldn't take off for days. Oh what fun.
We close on our house on MONDAY! I'm really excited. Next week will be filled with cleaning and painting and prep for the elders quorum to show up on Saturday and do the heavy lifting. I just can't believe it is finally here.


Ashley said...

I'm so excited to see some pictures of your house! Have fun closing, you'll sign your name about 582 times! Love summer, garage sales and swimming are the best!

Ryan & Keri said...

Dan, we had such a fun time playing at the park. We definitely need to do it again. And I'm still available to take your kiddies while you are closing or painting or whatever. Let me know. -Ker

Celeste said...

The slippers look awesome!

Tracy Barrand said...

JJ and water are a great combo. You didn't even mention the sand/water feature at the park. He's a formidable 2 year old for water.

Kevin and Amy Larsen said...

Hmm...I wonder where Jensen gets his love of the water... Congratulations on the house! I can't wait to see it. Hope the closing went well!

Sssarah said...

I want to go garage saleing too!