Wednesday, January 09, 2008

We have been planning to escape to Costa Rica over the New Years break since June. We were joined by Celeste and her family and my parents. We were REALLY excited. It was to be Dave's first real time out of the country, and I was truly looking forward to warming up on beautiful beaches. We even arranged for Jensen to stay in Utah with family so we would be traveling with only Lily. Well after a truly wonderful Christmas we all packed our bags and headed to the airport for our red eye 12:1o flight.


We soon discovered we were 24 hours too late and the 12:10 had messed us up and we had missed our flight. We stayed at the airport for two hours trying to figure out something else like an escape to Cancun- but nothing else panned out. So we made the best of it and transfer ed my parents timeshare condo to Breckenridge. We had a great time in the mountains, but we are looking forward to actually going to Costa Rica next December.

So for the rest of the vacation...

We had a relaxed little Christmas up in Rexburg we had planned on spending it with Dave's sister but there was a bad storm so we relaxed and had a fun time with out neighbors. We gave Jensen his own dishes. Kinda dorky I know but he enjoyed it.

We spent some time with Marybeth and then they drove us to the airport. We of course forgot all our our hygiene products at their house and had to re-buy them in Denver. We showed up at the Salt Lake airport and I told Dave we are on Southwest airlines. By the time we had waited in the 20 minute line and gotten to attendant we only had 10 minutes to run over to the other terminal to check into our actual flight on Skywest. My Oops made up 6 minutes too late to check baggage. So we had to come back the next day. But we got to spend some time with my Aunt in Kaysville which was really nice.


When we finally got to Denver it was wonderful to hang out with the family and play Heroscape. We got everyone hooked and Bryce and Brad are going to buy their own sets

THE highlight of the trip to Denver was going to the aquarium. Dad has been able to fulfill some dreams and he is a volunteer diver. We all got to see and wave to him.


Dave and I said goodbye to Jensen. Which was REALLY hard to do! He went back to Utah with Bryce, while we (supposedly) went to Costa Rica. We really missed him and were so exited to see him again.

In Breckenridge (not Costa Rica) we had a really nice time. Dave and I got massages and we all sat in nice warm hot tubs. And my favorite was going to a pottery place where you could glaze your own piece and take it home. We had a ball sitting around for three hours painting and talking. It was really fun. Dave made three little mythical creatures, and I made a gravy boat.

We got back on the plane miraculously without any delays or missed flights, but they did loose our bag :)

So in summary we got snowed in, missed a flight by 6 minutes, missed a flight by 12 hours, made a flight but lost our luggage and had a GREAT time. Just remind us never to go on the Amazing Race :)


Heidi said...

you didn't get to go? what happens to your tickets then? are they no good now? what a bummer!! it was great to see you guys though, thanks for coming down for christian's blessing! hopefully we can get together again before you move too far away!!

Ashley said...

WOW! What a trip! Bummer that you never made it to Costa Rica, but at least it sounds like you had a great time. There's always next year! Jensen is getting so big, loved the videos. Yeah, maybe not Amazing Race, but I bet you could do Survivor: Airport Edition!

Sssarah said...

I love it! That could only happen to you Dan! :) So glad you are home! I missed you too! :)

theruedasfamily said...

wow... talk about a Christmas to remember. The whole experience sounds like something out of a movie!

Kevin and Amy Larsen said...

Oh no! That stinks that you didn't get to go to Costa Rica! Hopefully it will work out for you to go soon. It was great seeing you. I'm so glad I got to meet your kids and catch up with you! It was great seeing the rest of your family. I hope that we'll be able to get together next time you're in town!

Tracy Barrand said...

Oh, Danica. It really was the Christmas of Bad plane connections! At least I got to see my JJ and hold my LIly. It was a Christmas of joy 4 me!

Aqualung said...

Adventures/problems like yours will only happen once every 100 trips, so now you are good for at least three decades of travel.

Drew and Tarah said...

Ok I have to laugh because I swear that is something straight out of a movie! You have such a good attitude about it though!! Eventful Christmas!

Aubrey said...

Hey McDonalds! This is the long lost Richardsons! Looks like a happy little family you have with a beautiful little addition since the last time we saw you! Hope you are doing well (it looks like it) and feel free to check us out! We'd love to get back in contact

annabunny said...

Holy cow, what a crazy holiday! I'd go NUTS if that stuff happened to me; it's like, one of my biggest worries that I'll miss a flight. In second place is losing a bag. Well it's good to see that y'all were still able to salvage some good plans!