Sunday, September 16, 2007

We are here lets have a baby!

I was measuring small but the ultra-sounds told us the baby was growing good. So when they asked if we wanted to have her induced this weekend we said SURE! Dave got his homework done Friday night and we went to the hospital at 7 am.
They started pumping me with Patosin and antibiotics. And a couple of hours later she was ready to come. At about 3:20 we said okay we really need to decide on a name. When we arrived at Lily Elaine McDonald she immediately started to come. 10 minutes later the doctor arrived. After three short pushes and 7 minutes out came beautiful Lily.
She was 6 pounds 12 oz and 20 inches long. She had a little trouble breathing so they whisked her away and pumped her lungs. She came back to us within the hour ready to eat.
Dad on phone call duty.
Jensen came in that night and was a little nervous. He will learn quickly this new little one is here to stay.

We came home today. It is nice to be at home with our beautiful little Lily.


Ashley said...

Danica!!!! A baby! I nee details! When? How? Size? Name? Fill me in! Congrats though, she is adorable! I hope that all is going well!

mark said...

You guys make cute kids. She is adorable and she has hair, what more could you ask for. Congratulations!

mark said...

You guys make cute kids. She is adorable and she has hair, what more could you ask for. Congratulations!

b-ryce said...

Hey Bianca!! That is a good summary! I'm soooooooo glad that everything went so well :) The baby looks a little darker than Jensen, maybe this will be the first grandchild to carry on some of the Barrand looks? We are really happy for you!

Marcia and Bryce

Ashley said...

OK, thanks for the details! She is a doll, I'm so glad that everything went well! Was the second time around a lot easier? Who delivered? Oh, I wish I was there to help out! I could just take Jensen all day and him and Rylee would have loved it! Keep us updated! I love the name too!

Tracy Barrand said...

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! She is so cute. I love her dark hair. She's a chocolate kiss version of Jensen.

Sssarah said...

Hey Darlin!

Congrats! She looks beautiful! :) Love the name too! :) Catch up with me when things settle down!

Celeste and Brad said...

Yea! She looks like you! We need more pic's ASAP!

Heidi said...

Hi Guys!! Congratulations, she is beautiful! I'm glad things went smoothly for you Dan, and that all is well with your adorable family! Call me when you get a moment, don't rush, ok? Love you!!