Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jensen is walking very well now. He loves taking any opportunity he can to stand and walk.
Jensen and dad hanging out in their shorts.
Jensen climbs as high as he can on anything he can. This is him precariously on the highest point of his toy climbing to get the lamp.
This is my little garden on our tiny porch. I'm excited for the tomatoes, strawberries and beans.


Celeste and Brad said...

Great Garden! I'm feeling left out now with you and Bryce's green thumbs. Tell me when your prospering crop of 4 strawberries, 3 tomatoes and 4 beans come in!

Tracy Barrand said...

Love the px of juggernaut Jensen the wonder wild movement boy. Poor Ivan doesn't stand a chance against this cyclone. Youll have to feed all the neighbors with your produce from your garden. You could call it "porchgiving"