Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Greetings from Idaho!
We have entered the 2nd of three phases of Summer 2007. Dave is home from his internship and doing a class called Field Camp. He is out camping all week, busy mapping and GPSing and identifing faults. It is his Geology capstone class and he is excited about it. So he gets to come home on the weekends and shower and work on some online classes.
When the semester ends he will return to his internship- to come back home a week before our little girl is due :)
Jensen's first BK Crown.
Dave's stunning facial hair. Dave really enjoys growing out a beard just for the opportunity to shave a different "style" everyday as he whittles his whiskers down.


Brad said...

nice whiskers my man, very nice.

b-ryce said...

You are supposed to wipe your mouth after you drink chocolate milk. You look like someone from a 70's detective show.

Won't life be nice when you are all done with school?