Saturday, December 16, 2006

We are ready for the Semester to be done, and for Christmas to come. We are excited to be spending Christmas in Rexburg as our little family. We even have an awesome paper tree.
His hair is long enough for me to try and spike it. The picture doesn't capture the cuteness:)

Jensen has become attached to a favorite bath toy. As soon as we put him in his bath he knows it is time for his frog and he starts reaching for it. He has even started to learn to pull himself up to a semi stand- so we get him his toy to wrestle as soon as possible.

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Tracy Barrand MA LPC said...

Oh my goodness. Can this kid get any cuter? There were a lot of highlights of Thanksgiving. The lights on the pond, seeing you and Jensen, the onion rings, seeing you and Jensen, Eric's house, seeing you and Jensen, Celeste's surprise, seeing you and Jensen.