Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays from the Three Stooges aka (the McDonalds).

We had a busy year. We stared the year out in Colorado doing internships and hard labor. We added a miracle baby boy to our little group. We moved back to Idaho and couldn’t be having more fun.

Curly (Dave) Dave had a lot of fun in Colorado living in the in-laws basement. He spent his time working hard for a custom closet company installing over-priced closets in over-priced homes. He worked hard but was glad to get back to school. Dave is in his Junior year studying Geology. Sediments, depositions and structures fill his time. He plans on graduating next December.

Moe (Danica) Danica got to finish her degree in finance by doing an internship for IXG, a 1031 exchange company. She had fun and learned a lot. She finished just in time too. Just two weeks after her internship Jensen was born. She is having fun staying home with Jensen, and spending a couple of hours a week selling for IXG.

Larry (Jensen) Jensen is a joy and tons of fun. He is seven months old and on the move. He crawls everywhere and chews on everything. His little heart is set aflutter by anything electronic. He keeps everyone smiling with his infectious smile and giggle.

We are incredibly blessed from Heavenly Father. We have lots of wonderful friends and family, and opportunities. We hope all is well with you!

The McDonalds


Bryce said...

Those are great pics! Who took them?

Tracy Barrand MA LPC said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe Jensen is standing up in his crib. we'll blink our eyes and he'll be pole vaulting out. The fish decorations look so cute. These 3 stooges px are fantastic. I'm so glad you are starting the tradition.