Saturday, March 03, 2012

One of Dave's favorite things is to track the passage of a year with his facial hair. A winter beard, spring and fall goatee, and summer clean shaven. He says that if I ever wake out of a comma I can look at his face and see what season it is and know how much time has passed. This winter he out did himself I got him some mustache wax and beard conditioner for Christmas so he went all out. It was pretty darn big and bushy by March 1st which was shaving day!He knows it looks a little pervy so he is offering some candy and twisting his mustache.
In between

He is keeping the mustache for the weekend and then starting clean for his spring goat.
And in other news-
We were pretty close to moving to a bigger house here in Highlands Ranch. There were a couple things that didn't work out as planned. We felt good about staying where we are for a while longer. I'm just REALLY glad we are not moving a month before the baby comes:)

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