Thursday, January 19, 2012

Charley got into my Ecerine ( Basically Vaseline). Beware when any kid goes quiet for too long.
A little picnic
Jensen's new obsession- Robots. He didn't color one with the crayons he outlined one on the floor:)

The kids make at least 4 "forts" a week. I'm glad blankets are relatively easy to clean up. Because they get every single one they can get a hold of.


Brittanie said...

Charlie and the Eucerine reminds me of the time Erin got the Desitin while I was in the shower (seriously like 5 minutes) and painted both herself and Patrick. lol

Aqualung said...

It is so interesting that Jensen would do that with the crayons instead of their intented use. He has a very creative mind.