Saturday, September 03, 2011

Ear piercing and Exchange students
Lily worked really hard for two weeks to earn getting her ears pierced. I was pretty amazed by how determined she was. Every time she found a toy at a store she wanted me to buy for her I would remind her what she was saving for. And she would be very quick to put the toy back. Even when the girl at Claire's that went right before her was crying and in pain she still stuck to her guns. She didn't cry at all.

Right before showing the lady how she was going to hold her breath and be brave. She did so good. And is SO excited to show off her sparkle ears.
We got 2 Chinese exchange students for the year. It is boys this year and we are pretty excited. Dave introduced them to his mini games REALLY fast.

They are from the same city and are friends already and have been roommates before too. They built their own robot that they have competed in international competitions. They brought it with them. Jensen is always asking if he can go down to their room and play with the robot.
And I couldn't resist posting pictures of Lily taking this onesie putting her legs in the sleeves and wrapping the bottom around a basket.

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Tracy Barrand said...

Ho Ho Lily is so tricky. You should be proud of both JJ and Lily, they are both becoming more responsible and showing delay of gratification.